Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Pearly Shells Bead Embroidered Collar

Music is simply an essential part of my life - I breathe it with every breath.
Like so many of my items did this beautiful collar originate from the song

Pearly Shells

Pearly Shells,from the ocean.
shining in the sun,covering up the shore
When I see them
My heart tells me that I love you,
More than all the little pearly shells.
For every grain of sand upon the beach,
I got a kiss for you.
And I've got more left over,
for each star,
that twinkles in the blue,
Pearly Shells,
from the ocean,shining in te sun,
covering up the shore,
When I see them,
My heart tells me that I love you ,
More than all the little Pearly Shells

I beaded with C Lon D on Pellon, the backing is ultra suede. Sea shells were used, and glass pearls in various colors throughout. Glass seed beads, Japanese glass beads and Delicas made up for the texture.

Pearly Shells Collar will easily fit around a 15,25 inch neck (39cm). If necessary, can the clasp be removed and a lobster clasp and chain fitted to give additional length.

This gorgeous collar is available in my Etsy Shop:

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