Friday, 31 January 2014

Celebrating "Red Carpet" and "Dawn Mist in Radiant Orchid"

Red Carpet Gowns worn by beautiful people are just so gorgeous and so stunning, that its difficult not to fantasize about them. So I do fantasize- during the day, during the night, whenever I have a chance to do so. I suppose its cause I do indeed live in pictures, and fantasizing has become a very natural phenomena to me.

This time I fantasized about this beautiful dress Mila Kunis is wearing. If only I could wear it, what would I add to it? The answer came quite naturally, a gorgeous necklace of course.

So "Dawn Mist" was born, and today I can sit back and know that my fantasy became reality. Although I don't have the gown to wear, I do have the necklace and can sit and gaze at it till its sold. And then of course my fantasy will change to "Dawn Mist" as the new owner will now have it in her possession.

Materials used are Swarovski Crystals (Clear Crystal, Topaz, Amethyst, Amethyst Rivolis ), Italian leather, Rocailles, Delicas, Sugilite Gemstone Cabochon,  Pellon, Ultra Suede, Nymo, Japanese Glass Seed Beads, Sodalite Gemstones Cabochons, Collar Metal Blank.

Size (excluding the collar) is 7,5 inches X 3,5 inches (19 cm X 8,5cm). As the collar has a metal insert it can be adjusted to fit any neck size.

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