Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Leader of the Pack of One

I'm Leader of the Pack of One. Let me explain a little better, I'm Leader of the Pack, and there is only one in the Pack! That's me, also referred to as "Leo".

Summer is my best time of the year, when the sun rises early in the morning, and sets late in the afternoon, which means here by us in Cape Town it stays light till about half past eight at night. You might say I'm the early bird which catches the worm, as I can get up very early as long as there is sunlight. 

Winter taught me a few things - I change productivity from being the early bird to the night owl. During winter I don't like to get up when its cold, wet and dark, which means that my day starts late and then ends late, as I can work late in the evening. If I were a swallow or a tortoise I will be able to understand my winter and summer changes, but I'm neither, so to me it remains a misery.

Leader of the Pack of One - one doesn't keep regular work hours, one works all day long till the work is done.  The work will never be finished, as it is a business one runs, which includes buying, (good old retail therapy), selling, manufacturing ( which takes up the larger amount of time), stock-taking, marketing, advertising, admin, designing, all part of the normal run of the day business. 

Leader of the Pack of One - also means "working from home". So I can get up later during the winter, don't have to sit in traffic on my way to my office, (nightmare for most people including me), irregular income ( thought you can't live without your monthly pay-cheque?), having to make your own cup of coffee, keep your own studio tidy, do you own filing (ouch!), motivate yourself when needed, and also praise yourself when praise is due.

Do I love my job? Yes, I LOVE my job! 

Now for my second cup of coffee, and then to the Beading Studio for more Creative Therapy!

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  1. This is such a awsome blogspot! And the pendants are truely stunning! Greeting from Gauteng.