Saturday, 7 April 2012

Winter in the Western Cape

Winter in the Western Cape is a strange thing - we don't have seasons, we only have climates. One day will be warm, sunny, typical summer, and the very next day will be cold, windy and rainy. Temperatures will change overnight from summer to winter. 
Today is a winter's day, yesterday was a summer's day, and I think we can officially say that we now are in the beginning of our winter. What happened to autumn? I don't know, but we don't get autumn and spring.
Cape Town features the incredible Table Mountain, which sometimes is covered in a cloud, called the Tablecloth. To me Cape Town is the most beautiful place in the world, and I'm just so very privilege to live nearby.

Having shared a bit with you, I will now go back to my Studio and be the Bead Addict, Bead Specialist, Beadaholic that I am!

Till next time - stay safe and sound Friends.

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